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Image ID: 23fci90y1qu9u

Score: 🏆2170

Wins: 👍858

Losses: 👎709

Rating: 📈54.24

Positive Prompt:

"Wrapped in warmth, dreaming of your embrace." NSFW head-and-shoulders shot of Australian Woman seated comfortably in a cozy corner of her living room, wearing a soft, oversized sweater and warm leggings. She is surrounded by plush cushions and has a contented smile on her face. The warm lighting and decor create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. Bokeh, 4k, 8k, RAW, <lora:shirtliftALORAFor_shirtliftv1:1> <lora:breastinclassBetter_v13:1>

Negative Prompt:

chldren, bad-hands-5 EasyNegative ng_deepnegative_v1_75t

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