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Image ID: 14xo0g0kapgp4

Score: 🏆1823

Wins: 👍717

Losses: 👎639

Rating: 📈52.55

Positive Prompt:

"Teasing your senses with a touch of playfulness." NSFW "bust shot" of sexy Bulgarian woman captured in a spontaneous moment, wearing a provocative outfit that leaves just enough to the imagination. She gives the camera a flirtatious smirk while biting her lip playfully, her eyes filled with excitement and anticipation. The sunlit background adds warmth to the scene and highlights her vivacious energy. Black and White Elegance Bokeh, 4k, 8k, RAW

Negative Prompt:

black and white, monochrome, chldren, bad-hands-5 EasyNegative ng_deepnegative_v1_75t

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This NSFW erotic image was generated by artificial intelligence using Stable Diffusion.

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