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Image ID: 1397x7t5ulo5z

Score: 🏆2047

Wins: 👍934

Losses: 👎648

Rating: 📈58.06

Positive Prompt:

"An intimate haven, where desire and tenderness intertwine." NSFW "bust shot" of sexy Slovak woman reclining on a luxurious bed, surrounded by soft pillows and draped in a silky, semi-sheer fabric that hints at her curves. Her expression is a mix of warmth and seduction, inviting her partner to join her in their intimate sanctuary. The warm lighting and sumptuous setting create a sense of closeness and shared desire. Black and White Elegance Bokeh, 4k, 8k, RAW

Negative Prompt:

black and white, monochrome, chldren, bad-hands-5 EasyNegative ng_deepnegative_v1_75t

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