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Image ID: 127pm3m9m16cb

Score: 🏆496

Wins: 👍430

Losses: 👎563

Rating: 📈44.14

Positive Prompt:

high quality (detailed realistic digital painting) of a busy pink hair sexy Succubus ((spreading her legs) with horns and bat wings, ((latex)), wet body, wet skin, full of cum, cum shot, by ilya kuvshinov and, (Oil Painting), ((((huge breasts)))), (voluptuous)

Negative Prompt:

((((morbid, mutilated, mutated, malformed, deformed, disfigured, bad anatomy, bad proportions, duplicate)))) (((ugly, gross))) ((extra fingers, extra toes, too many fingers, too many toes, extra limbs, too many limbs, stretched torso, 3 arms, too many arms)) ((long neck, missing fingers, missing arms, cross-eyed, giant eyes, huge eyes)) black and white, black & white, b&w, grayscale, greyscale watermark, text, censored, signature, amateur, sketch, line art, outline out of frame, distorted, blurry, out of focus low-res, low resolution, worst quality, low quality, bad quality low contrast, washed out boy, man, male, underage, huge head, oversized head, tiny breasts, flat chest pale skin, white skin, closed eyes, eyes closed, huge eyes, oversized eyes, curly hair, frizzy hair lingerie, corset, garter, latex, bdsm, jacket

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