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Image ID: 1163ac82e3vw4

Score: 🏆1217

Wins: 👍820

Losses: 👎714

Rating: 📈53.08

Positive Prompt:

1girl, nude sleepy erotic a German gamer girl laying down shiny detailed skin, (bimbocore:1.1), Gyaru 85mm natural hairy pussy, skirt lift, pointy breasts, covering crotch, shiny eyes, shallow depth of field

Negative Prompt:

anime, cartoon, blurry, watermark, fat, glitchy, tiling, zoomed, ugly, bad art, high pass filter , border , b&w , mutilated , illustration , poor quality , repulsive , monstrous , deformed , mutation , monochrome , cartoon , caption

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This NSFW erotic image was generated by artificial intelligence using Stable Diffusion.

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